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Novel Coronavirus Immunisation

Our potential breakthrough Coronavirus immunisation is being developed for safety, scale and high efficacy.

Information and Data


  • Developed for SARS-CoV-2
  • Available in multi-dose bottle and single-dose ampoules
  • Variable dosing based on exposure and risk matrix
  • Future compatible with smart app for dosing
  • No biological material, toxic chemicals or heavy metals
  • To be manufactured in Germany to the highest standards

Our progress

Our ImmubioCV immunisation is in the final stages of development. We are currently designing our preclinical studies which will be undertaken prior to starting our global human trials.
* Current ImmubioCV delivery system design subject to change.
Trials and Sales

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ImmubioCV Trials

We are currently designing our global trial for our ImmubioCV immunisation. For more information register your interest with our team.
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ImmubioCV Sales

We are currently taking expressions of interest for our ImmubioCV immunisation which will be dispatched from Germany. For more information contact us and speak with our sales department.
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The Immubio platform and ImmubioCV are currently in the early-stage development phase. The Immubio platform and any produced immunisations are being developed for government direct sales and as such we will not sell directly to consumers. Our Immubio range of immunisations are yet to be tested for safety and effectiveness. Studies are planned to confirm safety and effectiveness. Any claims made on this site or in Open Care documents have not been reviewed or evaluated by any international or local health regulators including but not limited to the FDA, HC, EMA or TGA. Until the Immubio platform and ImmubioCV products are registered with the relevant health regulators, all Immubio products that we develop will not be available for use or supply except for use in clinical trials. If you have a serious health concern, please follow official government and medical guidelines and seek professional medical advice.