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The world needs a better way to fight modern infectious diseases.

Open Care is developing ImmubioTM, an immunisation development and delivery platform based on NanobiologicsTM, our breakthrough in nanoparticle science designed to empower humanity to fight disease.

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The world needs a better way to fight modern infectious diseases.

Open Care is developing Immuno, a breakthrough immunisation development, testing and delivery platform and AI powered health app designed to empower humanity to fight modern disease.

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Our novel approach is based in science and uses ultra-diluted substances to prime targeted mechanisms in a modulated and safe way leading to beneficial immune pathological outcomes that promote protection.
Our immunisations can be rapidly and cost effectively scaled to provide billions of doses per year solving the accessibility and affordability issue for much of the global population.
Zero Risk1
Our immunisations have been designed to carry no risk1 of toxic effects as they do not contain live components of any pathogens or other biological material, no toxic chemicals and no heavy metals.
1 Statements regarding risk and safety are based on expected outcomes which will need to be confirmed in human studies.
* Numbers shown are based on annualised use of immunisations by government associated
institutions in three countries in over 50 million people.
What we do

Our focus is on disease prevention.

We are dedicated to developing, validating and delivering immunisations and applications that save lives.

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Immunisation Development

We're developing Immubio, an immunisation development and delivery platform based on Nanobiologics, our breakthrough in nanoparticles that combines ultra-diluted, patent-pending antigen called Nantigen and Moleculebase, a framework for specific molecule selection to safely prime targeted mechanisms leading to beneficial physiological outcomes for target diseases. Our platform aims to produce immunisations that are highly effective at modulating the immune response, that provide a high level of safety and are less costly than traditional immunisations.  

With a dedication to achieving high efficacy, affordability and speed to market, we are committed to solving today's greatest challenges while striving to create better solutions for the future.

Health App and Immunisation Certificate

With a strong focus on technology enabled health, we plan to deliver a future health application as part of Immubio that will enable everyone the opportunity to improve their health over time through targeted immunisations, education and collective learning.

Open Care has plans to develop a digital immunisation certificate for the Immunbio platform that will work with our application.

As part of our commitment to enabling better health outcomes for as many people as possible, we plan to partner with governments to provide secure, real time insights and analytics on the efficacy of our immunisations and state of health across our user base to mitigate the spread of disease.

Research and Trials

Our team and scientific board bring together decades of experience and research. We are more committed than ever to pursuing our vision for stronger and healthier communities which has its foundation in continual research and development across our platform and to ensure we are always pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Our planned trials will be conducted with leading partners globally and will conform to the highest international standards while using the best protocols to gather verifiable and actionable data.

Open Care Foundation

Making a world of difference.

We are working towards a world where everyone can be protected against the most serious preventable infectious diseases without the risk of toxic effects. Along with clean water, improved nutrition and effective sanitation, in doing our part, this means committing to giving everybody the opportunity to be immunised against targeted infectious diseases.

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“We are applying science, data and some of the best minds to solve the world's greatest health problems.”
Wesley Cooke, Chief Executive Officer
“Immubio has been developed to significantly reduce disease incidence which should result in complete control of current and future epidemics.”
Dr Gustavo Bracho, Immuno Scientist



The Immubio platform and ImmubioCV are currently in the early-stage development phase. The Immubio platform and any produced immunisations are being developed for government direct sales and as such we will not sell directly to consumers. Our Immubio range of immunisations are yet to be tested for safety and effectiveness. Studies are planned to confirm safety and effectiveness. Any claims made on this site or in Open Care documents have not been reviewed or evaluated by any international or local health regulators including but not limited to the FDA, HC, EMA or TGA. Until the Immubio platform and ImmubioCV products are registered with the relevant health regulators, all Immubio products that we develop will not be available for use or supply except for use in clinical trials. If you have a serious health concern, please follow official government and medical guidelines and seek professional medical advice.