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Every person counts.

We are working towards a world where everyone can be protected against the most serious preventable infectious diseases without the risk of toxic effects. Along with clean water, improved nutrition and effective sanitation, in doing our part, this means committing to giving everybody the opportunity to be immunised against targeted infectious diseases. Our foundation is being established to provide significantly subsided immunisations at lowered cost for the most marginalised and at risk areas.

See what is possible

The opportunity.

  • Millions of children don't receive important immunisations each year which leaves them exposed to serious illness
  • 1.5 million people die every year from preventable diseases for which Immubio could provide a potential solution
  • Immubio allows for the rapid development of new immunisations based on our platform at scale
  • Immubio has the potential to be very cost effective based on its composition and ease of delivery
  • Our immunisations could potentially provide significantly reduced risk of toxic effects based on our composition

The Immubio platform is currently in the early-stage development phase. The Immubio platform and any produced immunisations are being developed for government direct sales and as such we will not sell directly to consumers. Our Immubio range of immunisations are yet to be tested for safety and effectiveness. Studies are planned to confirm safety and effectiveness. Any claims made on this site or in Open Care documents have not been reviewed or evaluated by any international or local health regulators including but not limited to the FDA, HC, EMA or TGA. Until the Immubio platform and any Immubio products are registered with the relevant health regulators, all Immubio products that we develop will not be available for use or supply except for use in clinical trials. If you have a serious health concern, please follow official government and medical guidelines and seek professional medical advice.