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Global disease burden is severe and increasing.

As a global population we face ever increasing challenges around our health and wellbeing. We are a global community and with the rise of internationalised economies and ease of travel, communicable diseases are an increasing risk to everyone. We are seeing a rise in the number of global epidemics through opportunistic pathogens that threaten countless lives and economies. The World Health Organisation has prioritised a list of serious pathogens that are most likely to cause severe outbreaks in the near future. Outbreaks threaten the health of humanity and our global economies. It is clear that we need a new way to fight modern infectious diseases and that's exactly what we are building with Immubio.

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A platform for today and what lies ahead.

Immubio brings together core aspects of health and a deep understanding of immunity that all work together to promote, restore and maintain health. Our platform includes targeted immunisation development using nanoparticles for infectious diseases combined with a simplified oral liquid delivery system that reduces costs and increases accessibility.

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The Immubio platform is currently in the early-stage development phase. The Immubio platform and any produced immunisations are being developed for government direct sales and as such we will not sell directly to consumers. Our Immubio range of immunisations are yet to be tested for safety and effectiveness. Studies are planned to confirm safety and effectiveness. Any claims made on this site or in Open Care documents have not been reviewed or evaluated by any international or local health regulators including but not limited to the FDA, HC, EMA or TGA. Until the Immubio platform and any Immubio products are registered with the relevant health regulators, all Immubio products that we develop will not be available for use or supply except for use in clinical trials. If you have a serious health concern, please follow official government and medical guidelines and seek professional medical advice.